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Development of a company Safety Management System is a fast and cost effective
solution, which assists in the reduction of an organization's operational risk.

Implementation and development of SMS is available for all sizes of companies, ranging
from small operators to large corporations in both the government and private sectors.

The Safety Management System Framework includes for our clients:

Safety Management Plan - evaluation and development
Documentation - evaluation and design
Safety Oversight - complete analysis
Training - curriculum and key personnel
Quality Assurance - evaluation and improvement
Emergency Response Plan - evaluation and development

For every SMS implementation we offer:

A customized design to reflect the unique culture of a company
An SMS customized to present a realistic approach to safety
An SMS aligned to a company's current safety program and upgraded to follow the
standard SMS framework

Although the SMS is not mandatory in many countries; it will be eventually.
Companies with an active Safety Management System are rewarded for their
commitment to safety though a reduction of incidents and recognition by existing and
prospective customers for demonstrating safety as the top priority.

Many high standard aviation service consumers already require that the SMS be
implemented to monitor the overall aviation operations of their service providers.